Broadbridge is a Business Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions firm.
We are Wisconsin-based with National Scope.

Broadbridge offers three (3) core services –

  1. Broadbridge, Inc. – Sales, Mergers, and Acquisitions of Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service Businesses.
  2. Broadbridge Practice Solutions – Professional Practices Transitions, Sales, and Acquisitions.  This is a separate Division serving the needs of selected Healthcare Practices, and Technical / Professional Service Businesses. 
  3. Broadbridge Seniors Living Solutions - Seniors Housing and Healthcare

Clients do business with us because we do 4 things quite a bit different than most. We:

  1. Gather and Present vastly more data and information about the companies we’re selling or buying.
  2. Tastefully engage in aggressive Direct Marketing in our selling or searching, versus merely advertising, networking, and waiting. Yes we advertise and network, but these are basics that everyone does.
  3. Step well outside the norm and do whatever extra services it takes to serve both parties’ joint interests and get the transaction done. This includes having strong professional referral resources available to Buyer or Seller.
  4. Engage only in win-win transactions. This means transparency to all stakeholders (Buyer, Seller, Bank, Community.

What Will Broadbridge’s Product or Service Do for You?
Every Engagement is executed as a Project according to sound project management principles.  The result gives you –

  • A high probability of a Successful Outcome. (Our close rate is above 87%)
  • Business Confidence as you observe the well-organized activity, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, integrity, and professionalism.
  • Personal Comfort from our high-touch hands-on approach which pays attention to your total life-demands.  We strive to take things off your plate and minimize the personal time and energy you must commit to the Engagement.

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